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Karly Rayner

As if Pokémon weren't bizarre, far-fetched and creative enough, fans out there have been busy splicing them together like the maddest scientists on the psychiatric ward to make some truly terrifying beasts.

So, if you've ever wondered if a horse with tentacles could walk or what the forbidden lovechild of Machoke and Chansey would look like, come this way and let's go on safari!

10. Caterdon

Image: Pandikko

This benign looking rhino-pillar looks a bit to drowsy to be a prize fighter, but I'd still have it on my team!

9. Chanchoke

Image: Moanochome

I always knew that Chancy was under-utilized in the Pokécenter.

8. Alafairy

Image: Shwig

With a figure like the world's most terrifying micropig paired with a mean moustache, you know Alafairy means business.

7. Tentadash

Image: Psuedo-Strawberry

I have a feeling Tentadash might be slightly more graceful in water than on dry land...

6. Kingking

Image: CyborgNecromancer

Who needs a personal trainer when you've got two freakin' crowns!

5. Venunine

Image: Annchyca

Wait, didn't one of these win the Westminster Dog Show a few years back?

4. Nidozard

Image: DemonML

Bringing you disgruntled tapir, dragon realness.

3. Glootung

Image: TimLiljefors

I told you eight beers was too much for a Wednesday, Glootung. Ew.

2. Butterizard

Image: Benjja1

Physics don't matter here, bro.

1. Cacba

Image: Pandikko

Walking Dead meets shamanic hobo is so this year's look, darling.


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