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WARNING: Possible spoilers for The Walking Dead comic and TV show ahead. Proceed with caution.

After the brilliant ending to Season 5 of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) there's one big question on everyones lips: Can it hurry up and be October already?! Unfortunately while we have the long spring and summer months to wait before Season 6 hits screens, in the meantime we can do some heavy speculation of what we might be seeing when it does!

Check out this list of things that I think we should expect to happen in Season 6 of The Walking Dead, many of which are based on the comic series, and be sure to leave your own ideas in the comments.

1. Big changes for Alexandria

Alexandria with its new gardens
Alexandria with its new gardens

At the end of Season 5, Rick pretty much re-introduced the Ricktatorship. With the death of so many it was obvious that Deanna was now in over her head because she, and the Alexandrians, just didn't possess the skills needed to survive much longer.

With the Ricktatorship looking fit to take over, Alexandria will soon be a very different place. Firstly, the people will have to be better prepared to live in a post-apocalyptic world, probably by learning how to handle weapons and also how to handle themselves outside the gates. Secondly, Alexandria will no doubt physically change as the walls expand, I also hope that they begin laying crops and keeping livestock (if they can find any?), similar to what the group did at the jail.

2. A Wolves showdown

The Wolves and Derek from The Walking Dead
The Wolves and Derek from The Walking Dead

For readers of the comics, it seems almost certain that the Wolves have become a more three dimensional version of the scavengers who appeared briefly in Volume 13. The scavengers were a very small plot line in the series, lead by a man named Derek. The line "little pig, little pig...Let me in" used by Derek in the comics is what first suggested that there is a connection between the scavengers and the Wolves in the TV show.

After we got more of an introduction to the Wolves in the season finale (or at least two of them), we saw that they had a pretty sophisticated set up and were adept at trapping or hunting victims. Having teased the Wolves for the last eight episodes of Season 5, I have no doubt that they'll have a big presence in the first eight episodes of Season 6, and after that we may well see...

3. A return of the threat of walkers

A herd approaches Alexandria in The Walking Dead
A herd approaches Alexandria in The Walking Dead

On the season finale of [The Talking Dead](movie:570401) showrunner Scott Gimple sent a message with what viewers can expect to see in Season 6, the message included the line:

For a good while now, humans have been the bigger threat. At the start of our next season, that will change.

Personally, I think that means we should expect some very big, nasty and hungry herds of walkers heading towards Alexandria sometime soon. In the comic series an enormous herd heads toward the town after hearing gun fire during the showdown with the scavengers, so perhaps that may happen after the Wolves (presumably) reach Alexandria. Gimple also said that, "the show reinvents itself every eight episodes," so perhaps Season 6 will be split, with half of it dealing with a human threat, and half of it returning to the show's base - the threat of walkers.

4. ...Dad?

Following the threat of new walkers could possibly come one of the most dramatic moments from the comic series - Carl Grimes being shot in the eye. In the comic series, under the threat of an enormous herd, the former leader of Alexandria, Douglas Monroe, is bitten and begins shooting wildly in panic, unfortunately he manages to shoot Carl right in the eye!

Thankfully, in the comic series Carl survives due to a Doctor named Denise. It will be interesting if we do get to see this arc in the TV series considering that the town's only doctor has just been shot dead...But perhaps that can be fixed by the next thing we're guaranteed to see in Season 6...

5. New characters

After the loss of so many residents in Alexandria recently, town numbers must be dwindling, add in the new dream duo of Daryl and Aaron and I'm sure that pretty soon we'll be seeing some new characters joining the community. Hopefully some of those new additions have some good skills because after the loss of the town architect and doctor Alexandria is going to need them soon!


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