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(*SPOILER ALERT* Don't read this unless you got to the end of the finale of Season 5. If you did, feel free to read on...)

OK, so, if you watched [The Walking Dead](series:201193) the other night, your mind was probably blown. But they did something in the after credits sequence that Marvel has made so popular - and that the show has done before: they teased us a bit with some content that may have seemed like nothing big at first. However, it could give away some stuff about Season 6.

Here's the clip in case you missed it!

We open up on Michonne

Michonne walks into her living room in Alexandria. She puts her Katana blade above the mantle after Pete took it with the plan of killing Rick but instead killed Deanna's husband Reg. After thinking it through, though, she holsters the sword and puts it on her back.

So, what does this mean?

Michonne and many of the other members have been worried that they've lost some of their survivalist traits and instincts since arriving at the Alexandria Safe-Zone. It's become clear that the community will be ready to fight and protect themselves, which could be huge for the second half of the post credits.

"Wolves Not Far"

That man - now much less of a man than a walker - who was killed by the two "Wolves," wearing his red apron, stumbles across the parking lot with the trailers full of walkers. He walked past an abandoned car that had spray painted, "Wolves Not Far." This is not only super creepy, but also a reminder of the ominous phrase we saw before in the destroyed community of Shirewilt Estates.

We are probably going to see MUCH more of the 'Wolves' in Season 6

The aforementioned "Wolves Not Far" spray painted SUV is a sure indicator we'll be seeing more of them around next season. While the second half of Season 5 was about the group meshing with the Alexandria folks, it seems we will be introduced to the 'Wolves' in Season 6 and they will be a very serious threat. If Shirewilt is any indicator, at least.

We've got a long way to go until Season 6... it's going to be a long and hot summer, but [Fear the Walking Dead](series:1117438) is a consolation prize for sure.

What do you think the post-credit scenes told us, if anything?



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