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(*SPOILER ALERT* This is just a warning that there are spoilers in this article for [The Walking Dead](series:201193) Season 5 finale.)

Okay, so, the last time, up to the point of the beginning of the finale, that the cast and audience saw Morgan, he was a little bit off his rocker. Since then, there have been multiple hints that he was hot on the trail of Rick and the other survivors - we learned this through post-credits scenes.

Well, towards the end of the 90-minute Season 5 finale, Rick and Morgan were reunited at the Alexandria Safe-Zone. Just two bros reuniting, right? Well, not quite. We weren't sure what to expect from Morgan at this point, but we learned a great deal here.

During the episode entitled "Conquer," we learned how far Morgan has come to get to this point. He's a true survivalist and cares about living above almost anything else. He values life tremendously. Now, the bond between Rick and Morgan is strong, but their reunion is bitter-sweet because Morgan witnesses Rick executing Pete Anderson and doesn't know what to make of it.

When Andrew Lincoln was asked about this reunion between Rick and Morgan he was quoted as saying,

"It’s a reunion between those two great men and great friends. But also a splintering in ideologies. [Morgan] is a man who is about peace now and Rick is the polar opposite."

It's an interesting side note that Morgan is the only character other than Rick who appeared in the pilot episode who still lives today. The only Season 1 cast members still living are Carl, Carol, Daryl, Glenn, Rick, and of course Morgan.

It will be interesting to see how Morgan and Rick's relationship develops from here on out. Rick has become much more pessimistic and weathered... the Rick that Morgan knew before was much more like Morgan today. Can they get along or not? Even looking at this photo from Season 1, the two both seem so different now:

I mean, just look at Rick back then - still in his sheriff's uniform, far less withered and beaten down. I'm excited to see how they play off of each other in Season 6!



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