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NBC's supernatural series Constantine premiered in October of last year, but it may be yet another show doomed to a one-season lifespan. While Constantine's fate is still up in the air after it wasn't picked up for a back nine order, fans of the demon hunter may have reason to believe the show may be renewed for a second season.

We can't breathe easy just yet, but series showrunner Daniel Cerone recently took to social media to explain there's still time to save the show. At the end of this month, Cerone and his team will to pitch their second season ideas to NBC in the hopes that they will be picked back up by the network.

The show, which stars Matt Ryan as the supernatural detective John Constantine, was met with mixed critical and fan reviews, but ratings started picking up in the more recent of the 13 episodes.

Fans seem to be responding accordingly with an online petition, clocking in at nearly 25,000 signatures, and the hashtag:

Matt Ryan also tweeted at his fans thanking them for all of their support:

If you want to help Constantine stay on the air, start using the hashtags and on Twitter to get the attention of NBC! Even if the show is saved, we likely won't know Constantine's fate until May.

[Constantine](movie:874314) is currently available on the NBC website, Amazon, and iTunes.


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