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(Note: Potential SPOILERS for The Flash below)

Now, as far as TV series' go, The Flash is already pretty darned comfortable with time travel. Sure, we didn't see a whole lot of it in the first half of Season 1, but as it turns out, it was very much there in the form of Harrison Wells all the same.

Meanwhile, recent episodes have taken the show in an ever more temporal-hopping direction, with the gradual realization of just what he can do with his super-speed, dramatically altering Barry's actions in recent weeks - as demonstrated by his whole 'traveling back in time'-based solution to this particular problem:

What that means for the show, though, is only now becoming clear - and from the sounds of star Tom Cavanagh's recent comments to Entertainment Weekly, we could be set to see a very particular Flash story-line from the comics in the near future: Flashpoint.

"If you know the Speed Force, it’s fair to say that Barry’s abilities come from a positive culling of the Speed Force. Reverse Flash’s abilities come from what Barry would call a negative culling of the Speed Force. Truthfully, the Speed Force is important to both of them accomplishing their goals and the Speed Force doesn’t separate. As they fight towards what they really want — or think they want — they are going to have to take advantage of that Speed Force. I say, ‘think they want,’ because if you’re familiar with the mythology, what Barry needs and what Barry thinks he wants aren’t always the same thing."

Or, in other words, we're about to see a TV variation on Flashpoint, the 2011 Geoff Johns-penned tale which showed just what happens when Barry goes after what he wants (as opposed to what he needs), and heads back in time to try to save his mother's life.

And what he ends up getting? Nothing good - and a whole lot of altered reality.

So, if that relatively imminent season finale shows Barry traveling back to save his mother's life using the Speed Force? Expect to see an alternate universe for the first few episodes of season 2...

What do you think, though?

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