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Ryan Gosling might be handsome enough to sneak into thousands of clandestine fantasies every day, but Christina Hendricks has spilled some information about the hunk that might make him just a tad less desirable.

The Mad Men actress who worked with Gosling during his upcoming fantasy noir movie, [Lost River](movie:600461), has revealed that the Canadian actor turned director has a pretty rancid footwear situation going on.

Hendricks told MTV that Gosling has what appears to be an unbreakable bond with his favorite boots. She explained that:

He seems to wear the same boots every single day. So long that now he just wears silver duct tape around them. I think he can afford new shoes, but you wouldn’t know it.

Let's hope that Gosling brushes up a little before he goes home to his partner, Eva Mendes.

If she can't do the slobbishness of sweatpants, I have a feeling cheddary duct tape shoes might be a dumpable offence...

Check out the trailer for Lost River below to see the scene of the footwear crime:

(Source: MTV)


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