BySam Warrington, writer at

Said actor Christopher Plummer when interviewed by famous chat show presenter Conan O'Brien.

Of course, he was joking and was offering praise to Sir Ian McKellen who played Gandalf in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings.

He admits that he loved the book as a child and believes a "great, great book got turned into a great film".

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo star admits regretting turning down the part, but claims that Sir Ian brought a lot more warmth to the part, something he felt he would have lacked.

He couldn't have been warmer, which I might not have brought to it. I might have been a little cold and imperialist. He was warm."

He jokingly adds; "I hate the son of a bitch."

You can see the extract from the Conan interview below, and I have to say, he's really cool. I'm sure there's no hard feelings Sir Ian?!


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