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Artist Andrew Baker, of Weta Publishing, had recently released some incredible concept art on his blog. The following images were created for Peter Jackson's final Hobbit movie The Battle of the Five Armies.

As well as showcasing numerous designs for Azog's son Bolg, Stumpy Troll, the Battering Ram Troll, the Wraiths and various Orcs, there is also a really intricate image depicting Galadriel's battle scene with Sauron. So cool!

Take a look:

Azog's son Bolg

Like father, like son - you can totally see the familial resemblance.

The Wraiths

These dark supernatural entities are brought to life in three different versions.

Troll armour

Some pretty epic armor right there!

Caber Troll

You wouldn't want to mess with this big guy, that's for sure!

Stumpy Troll

How does he balance all his weight on those foot stumps, I wonder.

The Orcs

Here is also a super cool scene depicting the scene in which Galadriel battles Sauron:

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies is already out on DVD and Blue-ray.

Relive the action in the trailer for the movie below:



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