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Netflix all set to get subscribers through a purely digital marketing campaign.

Netflix Inc. the popular online streaming service has initiated a digital campaign to before its launch in the Australian market to promote its brand within the region.

The United States based streaming provider does not want to opt for conventional ways to advertise their products. The company has come up with a pure digital campaign that will help them penetrate their message to the masses and also minimize the marketing expenditures.

This is the first time in the history of Netflix that a campaign has been initiated that is completely digital and nature. The company has trespassed conventional marketing techniques to offer services that outstand. However, the company understands that this strategy is in its infancy stage and the outcomes can be extreme.

Pulse that is Netflix communication agency in Australia has so far not commented over the matter.

It is commonly understood that when any company opts for a purely digital campaign then the company only targets subscribers to the streaming service. According to consensus, many NFLX subscribers have opted for the company’s services through digital messaging which is not only reliable but can be penetrated deeply with long term impacts than those subscribers that opt for the company’s products and services through other mediums.

Moreover many skeptics believe that this strategy will not do much good in the Australian market since the nation is still more immune to the concept of conventional advertisement.

According to the vice president of Netflix product innovation department, Todd Yellin, stated that the company has densely researched on the consumer behavior of the Australian market “besides the early adopters and technophiles, people have a vague idea of how it works and for some people it does feel daunting.”

Obviously, Netflix already has its presence in the Australian market where many data agencies have calculated that before their launch within the region, the company has presences higher than 60 percent which is great as a start.

Previously 4000 Australians were taken for a survey where 32 percent of them were already aware of Netflix. According to this report many analysts believe that the response by the Australians is tremendous considering the fact that Netflix has not initiated its marketing campaign and the product has not been launched so far.

This is actually amazing since Netflix is already penetrated deeply in the Australian soil and now they don’t really need to make much of an effort to make their identity as a brand. Considering this popularity, it is a fairly smart decision by the company to launch a digital campaign.


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