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WARNING: Possible spoilers for The Walking Dead TV and comic series ahead!

It had been a long time coming, and by the time we reached the Season 5 finale of [The Walking Dead](series:201193) we were dying to know just who exactly the group who called themselves the Wolves really were. While we were lucky enough to get a few scenes involving what will no doubt be the Big Bad of Season 6, we unfortunately still aren't on first name basis with these brutal killers. However, given other information that has been revealed throughout Season 5B, do we already know who the leader of the Wolves is?

What do we know so far?

Wolf 1 and Wolf 2
Wolf 1 and Wolf 2

For now we have no names to go on, so it seems fitting enough to stick with Wolf 1 for the long haired dude we first met, and Wolf 2 for the menacing blond. Given that Wolf 1 was the one to give the command to Wolf 2 to kill Morgan with the knife, it looks like Wolf 1 might be the leader, or at the least the one in charge out of the two. Wolf 1 was also the person to kill the Red Poncho man toward to the end of the finale.

The Wolves seems to believe or are inspired by the idea that human beings descended from wolves, and that now that walkers have been added to the mix, it signals a return to their natural state and wolves will soon be prevalent again.

Wolf 1 kills Red Poncho man
Wolf 1 kills Red Poncho man

So who could the Wolves be?

When Rick and the gang first reached Alexandria, Deanna Monroe talked about how, as the population of Alexandria grew larger, she had to exile three men who did not fit in with the town. She mentions that she knows exiling them was as good as killing them, but still maintained it was the correct decision. No more was spoken about these three, or any one else being exiled, until the season finale, "Conquer."

While out on a run, Aaron tells Daryl about a group of three, two men and a woman, who he had been brought into Alexandria, but who were exiled after failing to fit in with the community. Aaron states they didn't kill the group, but drove them far away, left them there with a day's worth of food, water and no weapons. He mentions just one of them by name, saying:

Davidson was their leader, he was smart as hell, strong. I thought they'd work out. They didn't.

So, given that these three people (probably the same three Deanna was talking about, though she did say three men while Aaron specified that one of the three he exiled was a women) were exiled from this safe, gated community, is it possible that after being thrown to the wolves by the people of Alexandria, they instead became the wolves themselves?

Davidson was also the last name of an exiled member of Alexandria in the comic series. In the comics his death was faked, and he was secretly sent away by the leader of Alexandria. Though Robert Kirkman later confirmed that Davidson was dead in the comic series, perhaps in the TV series Davidson survived, and could now be out for revenge.

But whether the Wolves are lead by the exiled Davidson or not, after the scene in the finale with Wolf 1 leafing through the photographs of Alexandria that Aaron dropped, I think we can expect to see a lot more of these nasty guys in Season 6 - I just hope they don't come from a big wolf pack.

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