As you may know, people or you have been hyped up for Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron. Many people also did research and found out that is expected that an avenger might die in this movie. Joss Whedon gave no answers as to who will die, but there are many teasers in the trailers that is to come. Also, the comics give a variety of answers as well. Here are my theories as to who will die and why.

1. Captain America

Is that, his shield?
Is that, his shield?

As you can see, on the bottom of the picture, Captain America shield is only in one half, meaning that us watchers might get a chance to see some Black Panther and Wakanda references when it hits the big screen, which, as you may know, Cap's shield is made from Vibranium. In the trailer, there are also trailers as when it seems that he might die in action, like in the 1st trailer, where he tries to catch a car and it flips ON him. We don't see the moment of impact on the floor, but this is a start. In the comics he dies in Civil War, and plus they are already planning to include Cap.

It is rumored that Captain America will most likely die, and either Falcon or Bucky Barnes shall take his place. Both seem pretty cool and ruthless. In my opinion, I think it should be Bucky, and that Falcon should just focus on his flying gadget.


Who should be Captain America?

Could it be that we might never see the First Avenger again?

2. Vision

In the comics, Ultron creates the Vision. Later, the Vision turns on Ultron and goes to help the Avengers. There are many posters and teasers that the Vision will appear in Avengers 2, but it is very faint. Also, in the last 4 seconds of the 2nd trailer, you see the Vision. In a poster you see Vision at the top, but the shading of the sun makes him a shadow. In most comics, he shows a relationship with Scarlet Witch, but they later divorce. There are many pictures that Ultron might kill Vision too, especially in the comics. If he does get killed off, it will be a disapointing result, mainly because we have seen many teasers of him in the trailers, making us just waiting to see him.

The struggle between Vision and Ultron
The struggle between Vision and Ultron

Also, rumors are spreading that you see the soul gem in the trailers when it shows Vision, right on his forehead. In one comic it shows Ultron choking the android, saying quote unquote "Ultron-5 is the maker of you, now Ultron-5 is the own who destroys you!" This is from an 1960s comic.

3. [Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch](movie:1081109)

This theory of their kill-off is not from a comic, but from the original cast and plans of its self. The actors, Liz Olsen (Scarlet Witch) and Aaron Taylor- Johnson (Quicksilver) have no contract for showing up in any other Marvel movie. Getting their hands on the twins was hard, especially since Magneto is owned by Fox. Since Magneto is the twin's father, they cannot make any X-men references. Also, in a trivia it says "The twins parents were killed..." If they had said Magneto, or made X-men reference, the Fox team could have most likely fined them for use of their property. Also, with all these characters, this movie makes a total $250,000,000 budget. I do have one theory though, and that is that is some comics, Scarlet Witch needs help controlling her powers, but in others, she can already control them. However in Avengers 2, she can't. She destroys many things in the trailers, and even reacts tough to them.

After destroying a building.
After destroying a building.

Also, these twins can end up like Vision. It is rumored that the twins will be enemies with the Avengers at first, but then might become allies with them. There is many research of this, like how Quicksilver literally punches Cap in the face. Or how you see the twins behind Ultron. Possibly, it could be that these twins could be the main villains in the beginning, before it comes official that Ultron has been created and that they have just been leading henchmen. So, after they betray Ultron, Ultron may try to kill them knowing that they are no longer siding with him. Back to with Scarlet Witch not controlling her powers, it could be that she kills Pietro and herself.

4. Hawkeye And Black Widow

In a trivia, it said that the two characters most likely to be killed off is Hawkeye or [Black Widow](movie:1070824). This could be the reason why Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) gets one of the most screen time in Avengers 2. Otherwise, that is all the information that Marvel is willing to tell us about them.

All in all, this villain is going to be tough to battle, and some character(s) might not make it alive.


Who do you think might die?


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