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Is it time the Doctor Who Team brought Elisabeth Sladen's (Sarah Jane Smith) death to the show?

19th April 2011 the Whovian world broke down in tears as this was the day the amazing Elisabeth Sladen passed away of cancer. The news rocked the world via newspaper headlines and International news headlines. Elisabeth Sladen is known for playing the Doctors companion Sarah Jane Smith.

Sarah Jane and the 3rd Doctor
Sarah Jane and the 3rd Doctor

Sarah Jane has played alongside the 3rd, 4th, 10th and 11th Doctor. Sarah Jane has a robotic Dog called K-9. As she sadly passed away, her death hasn't been recognized in the show yet. When Nicholas Courtney (Brigadier Sir Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart) passed away. His death was recognized in the show during the 11th Doctors Era. It's about time the Doctor Who team recognized Elisabeth's death.

I've had a thought come into my head recently, I think a Doctor Who Minisode needs to occur showing that Sarah Jane has sadly passed away.

Here is my idea...

The Doctor gets a phone call from Luke Smith (Sarah Jane's son) breaking the sad news to him. The Doctor pays a visit to 10 Bannerman Road to see Luke. As the Doctor reaches Luke's house, Luke is joined by Maria Jackson, Clyde Langer and Rani Chandra. All 4 of these helped out Sarah Jane in her spin off show "The Sarah Jane Adventures".

Sarah Jane and her gang
Sarah Jane and her gang

They're all sat in the lounge of Sarah Jane's house. The teenagers decide on one memorable time with Sarah Jane. That isn't for me to decide. I'll leave that to the cast. But when it's the Doctors turn, he goes back through all of the times he spent with Sarah Jane. When each person gives their memory, a flashback for that moment happens whilst they're telling the others their idea. This is feel will set the right atmosphere for the scene.

After they've given their memories, they take a trip up to Sarah Jane's attic. They have a look round and remember the good times they've shared together in the attic. The gang could open up Mr Smith with the magic words "Mr Smith, I need you"! Then out he comes. This gives Mr Smith the chance to leave a tribute too.

After they have all had their last look in the attic, the Doctor decides it's time to lock up the Attic for good in memory of her. Before they close up the attic, K-9 comes out from under a table. Maybe K-9 could say something in her memory? Who knows? The teenagers and K-9 go downstairs leaving the Doctor alone upstairs. The Doctor takes one last look round the attic. He heads for the door. He then says these words, "My Sarah Jane Smith, goodbye". He then flicks the lights off and closes the door. He then locks it with his Sonic Screwdriver.

Sarah Jane in her attic with Mr Smith
Sarah Jane in her attic with Mr Smith

The Doctor then realizes it is time for him to go. As he says his goodbyes to the teenagers, he steps in his TARDIS and closes the door. As the TARDIS disappears, the screen would fade into a black screen with a dedication screen appearing saying "In Memory of Elisabeth Sladen. 1st February 1946 - 11th April 2011". This could be part where Elisabeth Sladen says some words that can be used from past Episodes of Doctor Who and The Sarah Jane Adventures. Then the closing credits would appear.

I think it's best to keep this Minisode with the current Doctor, which is Peter Capaldi.

I leave you with this "My Sarah Jane Smith".

A moving tribute for Elisabeth Sladen.


Should Elisabeth Sladen's Death Be Recognized.


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