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Rebecca Teschner

I just started reading these books called Maximum RIde by James Patterson, last week and I absolutely love them but I think they still deserve to be at the big screen and yes I said still. Its a young adult novel that is about a teenager that is named Max, who is half bird half human, 98% human 2% percent bird and yes the girl can fly. She is surrounded by 5 other people like her and they have battle to survive.

This book was supposed to be a movie but was canceled last minute because the director quit and just kept pushing it back. The author said that it should be a you tube mini-series but that just disappoints the fans. What if the person wanted to watch it but their parents didn't allow them to watch you tube? They just do scene's of the book not the whole thing. I have to admit it is good and i enjoyed it but I still think it deserved to be on the big screen

Yes the author of the book said yes to the mini series but I read an article that said he was disappointed that it didn't become a movie. I definitely think you should read the books because it is one of the bestsellers and yes it still going the author is currently writing a new one. The books is one of my favorite books and I recommend it to anyone who reads fantasy and needs a book to read during free time.

there is a site I think you should visit that explains more about it so just type in the link below to go on the site


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