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I always loved comics. First the european, then the japanese and since a few years the american.
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First of all, this is my first article so please be merciful.

When I first started to watch arrow I was blown away. It was awesome and held so much potential. I loved the first two seasons although I didn't like some things (like Deathstroke's costume for instance, ishmahak made a much better one). I loved the new gadgets and the many references but I always waited that it would become a green arrow show.

But my hopes were crushed when season three didn't take a step in that direction. The show stayed a "Batman-in-a-hood-with-bow-and-arrows" show and didn't turn into the green arrow show I and I believe some other fans wanted to see.

I am not one of those many diehard DC fans who read every issue of every series. I started reading DC comics short before the new 52 but I read some of the old comics too and watched a lot of the old animated stuff. Right now my favorite story arc is "injustice: gods among us" which is, for many reasons, an really interesting story. But in this rather brief time of DC fandom I really got to love green arrow. If its in Justice League unlimited, Young Justice, the DC showcase: Green Arrow or in Injustice: gods among us (in the comics as well as in the game) he is always a funny and heartwarming character. He's got always a joke on his lips but can surely handle himself against various enemies. He is in many ways an opposite to Batman and thats beside other things a part of him that makes him really cool. But as well as Batman he has awesome non-lethal gadgets like the boxing-glow-Arrow. And that is what I miss in Arrow.

Boxing-glow-arrow in JLU
Boxing-glow-arrow in JLU
Green Arrow in Injustice: gods among us
Green Arrow in Injustice: gods among us

In season three Arrow has turned completely in a show about an unstable dark hero like Batman who is not capable to handle his feelings and who's friends all face the same troubles (many of them involve their fathers) which they can't handle as well. Arrow got as much drama as a show like Grey's anatomy and a hero who is neither Green Arrow nor Batman. I thought this for quite a long time now and what made me become a creator and write this article is the fact that DC managed to fuck up the Atom too and all I here is cheering about how cool he is. The Atom in Arrow is a cheap Iron Man fake who doesn't bring justice to the character. Even some of his moves are the same as Iron Man's. The Batman like version of Green Arrow (not to talk about Black Canary), the whole tragic and drama and now an Iron Man fake without any charisma. Thats enough.

Atom aka "Low-budget-Iron-Man"
Atom aka "Low-budget-Iron-Man"

So DC what is this all about? You brought us an amazing Flash series and now try to fuck up Arrow completely? But why? I really hoped you would end Arrow with "The offer" but that was not the fact. But I don't think Arrow can become good again it is way beyond the point of turning into a Green Arrow show and the best thing that could happen now is a fast and final end. And putting all the focus on "The Flash" and the upcoming spinoff where DC should change the Atom from Iron Man on low budget to the Atom. And please, please bring the real Green Arrow to the big screen!

I hope you liked my article and I would love to get some feedback and your opinions.


So what do you think about Arrow?


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