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This list gives you my collection of the 12 hottest monsters in movie history, from a women's point of view. From Demons to vampires, to succubi's, aliens and genetic concoctions of evil in need of love. Love them or hate them? Here is the list!

Name: Julie
Monster: Zombie
Film: Return of the Living Dead 3

Julie is a Zombie, when you think of Zombie's you picture mindless, decaying corpses wondering around but Julie is different, she still has a glimpse of humanity left and does everything in her power to protect her boyfriend which if you ask me It's a lot better love story then Twilight! This chick is rocking some serious S&M sh*t and would make 50 shades of Grey bow it's head in shame and a lot of porno's too.

Name: Santanico Pandemonium
Monster: Vampire
Film: From Dusk till Dawn

Santanico Pandemonium is the headline Stripper in 'From Dusk Till Dawn' who works at The T***y Twister bar in Mexico, which actually doubles up as a tomb for all the vampires in the area. She is very seductive in every way, she has the movies and the looks and knows how to captivate her audience, just don't piss her off other wise you see a different size to her, a much uglier one!

Name: Subject S1L aka Sil
Monster: Alien
Film: Species

She was grown in a lab from the fertilization of a human ovum with alien DNA, they defiantly did something right when making her as surprisingly she grow up to look like she just walked out of a cover of a magazine, She has only one priority and that is to mate with a male. "Look out boys!" She will stop at nothing and will kill anyone who gets in her way, also anyone who's incapable of having her offspring, thank god she's attractive otherwise i think her pickings would be quite slim and i wouldn't want to say no to her as She's one lethal horny mother f**ker!

Name: Angelique
Monster: Demon Princess of Hell
Film: Hellraiser

Leather-ed up to the teeth Angelique maybe a Demon but is no way near as deformed as her other companies, She may have half her skull exposed but that doesn't stop her from making the list 'Pain is Pleasure'

Name: DREN
Monster: Human/Animal Hybrid
Film: Splice

Dren make's the list but only to a certain point... then she turns into a man, just after she turns into a sex crazed manic, also she is played by a french model called Delphine Chanéac and this clearly shows.

Name: laurie
Monster: Werewolf
Film: Trick 'r' Treat

The True Blood actress got herself a role as the Big Bad Wolf in the film Trick 'r' Treat What makes it even better she dresses up a as a sweet and innocent little red riding hood.

Name: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley
Monster: The Monster's Bride
Film: The Bride of Frankenstein

My favorite of all the Brides.

Name: Shuna Sassi
Monster: Hedgehog/human hybrid
Film: Nightbreed

Men would die to have sex with her, quite literally, in the comic Shuna was a prostitute and men would sleep with her knowing that they might not survive the experience and some never did.

Name: Ginger
Monster: Werewolf
Film: Ginger snaps

She's like a dog on heat.. oh wait she is, entering puberty and dealing with changing into a werewolf makes her savage, dangerous and horny, but that part could just be the puberty, murdering people however is all wolf in this case, and it's kinda catchy in the form of an STD! I sometimes think that this film was made to scare teens from having sex.

Name: The Angry Princess, Dana Newman
Monster: Ghost
Film: Thir13en Ghosts

It's misses plastic fantastic, she spent all that money to look good just to go and off herself, then haunts the glass house in her Birthday suit because she's angry, makes sense.

Name: Marybeth Louise Hutchinson
Monster: Alien Parasite
Movie: The Faculty

She sweet girl next door super bitch from out of this world, who's walking around school naked and taking over the human race!

Name: Jennifer Check
Monster: Succubus
Film: Jennifer's Body

It's Megan Fox who wants sex all the time do i need to say anymore then that?

So there you have it my 12 sexiest female monster's! Thanks for reading and let me know which is your favorite and why?

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