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Leonard Nimoy's son announced that he is filming a documentary about his father's life and career, and especially about his role of Spock.

With the documentary 'For the Love of Spock' a 50th 'Star Trek' anniversary will be celebrated, and the actor Zachary Quinto, who plays a modern version of Spock in the new franchise, will be the narrator of the documentary.

This will be a tribute to my father and Spock. We have a lot of working material, because my father talked a lot about this role, which was very dear to him.

... said Adam Nimoy.

He began working on this project with his father before his death, and two days before Leonard's death they even talked some ideas about the documentary, reports Variety.

William Shatner will appear in the film, who played James T. Kirk, and the documentary is to be partially based on two Nimoy's books, 'I am not Spock' and 'I am Spock', as well as some of the recorded interviews with the famous actor.


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