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Robert Escamilla Garduño

Interstellar is finally available to take it home! You can own it now on Blu-Ray and DVD.

The Blu-Ray edition comes with tons of extra material that will help you understand more about the science of the movie and how it was made.

This edition includes an extended cut of the broadcast special: The Science of Interstellar narrated by Matthew McConaughey. Where scientist, physicist and Nolan itself talk about the different scientific topics presented in Interstellar such as wormholes, black holes and time travel. This documentary is very interesting because actually teach us a lot of science and discoveries the human race has been doing since we started to search for the new frontier.

Also the Blu-ray includes several capsules where we can learn of specific topics of the film: the production design, the space costumes, how they built the farm, the music composition, the real dust they used, etc. I think that if you are a movie geek like me and you liked the film, you will love this segments cause they help us understand all the effort Christopher Nolan and his team put in every aspect of the film to make it great!

Remember that the film is already on sale now and if you buy the special edition of the Blu-Ray, that also comes with the DVD and Digital Copy, you will get an original 70mm film cell from the film!

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