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Ryan Gade

It seems that with every new horror movie that comes out there is always one critic or another that claims that this new release is the "scariest movie ever", or "scariest horror movie in years". This was the case for the highly acclaimed and multiple award winner It Follows.

Now it could be the fact that I have been watching horror movies since the age of three, that it's hard for a guy or horror fan like myself to get scared. That I have become desensitized to so many things in the realm of horror that I wouldn't find much scary now a days. This of course is mostly true, but with the many production advances that we have had through the years there have been some movies that have gotten a jump or shudder out of me.

While becoming less and less scared by my favorite genre I started to want more of a story vs just blood and guts or spooky ghost, and of course the more original the better. This is where It Follows delivers to me. Here we have a very original and unique story that grabs your attention just in the first 10 minutes. It also has the tone of a 90s thriller when it comes to the way it was filmed, and the score. The rest of the movie however goes back and forth between keeping your attention and waiting for something to happen.

So all in all It Follows is a decent horror movie with an original story, good cast, and unique camera angles along with music that really gives it an old fashion feel. Scariest horror movie in years however? I would have to disagree. But let me know what you think.


Do you think this is the scariest movie in years?


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