Back before the 2nd or 3rd trailer came out, Falcon was rumored to be in Age of Ultron. Besides his first and only apearence in [Captain America: The Winter Soldier](movie:254973), he'll be making cameos in the upcoming movies. Although, he will not be the only one making cameos. Characters such as Loki, Heimdall, and Stan Lee, will be making cameos.

After searching on the who will be casting in The Avengers: Age of Ultron, I have found that Falcon will be in some scenes. After his show- up in Winter Soldier, he might also be showing up in Avengers Infinity War (2018- 2019). Unfortunately, Falcon's sidekick in kid's animated [Marvel](channel:932254) shows, Red Wing will be most unlikely to appear. Also, in the animated series, Falcon's suit color is red, making it odd to call his robotic falcon Red Wing if he is wearing black in the movie.

There is no evidence that he will die in any movie so far, but since he has such little parts in the upcoming movies that it is a 50-50 chance. Also, if he does not die, it is rumored that he will become the next Captain America in the upcoming Civil War, where Cap might die. If he does, there is no telling whether he will keep his flying wings or just use Cap's shield. Sadly, the serum Cap used to become the super soldier might be no longer in use. Also, Cap might not die, but catch up to his original age.

Falcon is also linked to [Black Panther](movie:9047), mainly because his wings are also made of Vibranium. Although his fighting skills help him out, his main weapon are twin guns. In Civil War, it is most likely that Falcon will team up with Cap, since they are both close friends and allies. Falcon is also friends with the Avengers after he tried to save S.H.E.I.L.D from Hydra in Winter Soldier. In comic cons, he is welcome to the cast, making it obvious that he is part of the cast.

If Redwing does stay with Falcon, it will make more sense to bring in his telepathy power. He can use telekenisis to talk to his trusty sidekick, which can make him able to battle two crimes at once.

Because Captain America and Falcon are so linked together, they share the same enemies, which makes sense that he will show up in future Cap movies.

Captain America is replaced!
Captain America is replaced!

This is a comic book picture showing Falcon taking over as Captain America as Cap became old.

This is another comic book reference of when he has red armor instead of black.


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