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The underground is always a little scary at night but this midnight zombie prank is something else! Working late.. Some people are just dying to get home! How would you react?

As you board the last train home after a hard days work the last thing you want is to be delayed. Turns out things can get quite a lot worse than a slight delay, how about a horrifying zombie infestation of the train?

The train slowly snakes it's way through the tunnels beneath the city whilst lonely groups of weary travellers board the ill fated carriage. The train driver announces that there will be a slight delay but they will be on their way shortly, following this announcement the lights begin to flicker.

The driver returns to the radio and begins to make a follow up announcement when halfway through he is cut off, sounds of a struggle are heard followed by snarls, growls and heavy breathing. Screams for help follow as the driver appears to be horrifically mutilated over the Tannoy.

The rest I will let you witness for yourself...

Quite the prank wouldn't you say... Is this prank a little much or a superb performance from a very talented group of artists and actors?

This prank comes from the hidden camera group in Silvio Santos. It does beg the question when caught completely off guard how would you react?

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