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It's been 12 years since the first on screen adaptation of our favorite web slinger, and only two years since the franchise was rebooted by Sony pictures. And now just recently it has as announced that Spidey was joining forces with Marvel studios to adapt him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With two encarnations of Spidey on the big screen, and one more coming in 2017, I thought we should revisit Sam Raimi's version of the character, which was the first one, and see what he got right on the big screen.

Peter Parker

Awkward, Clumsy, and shy, Tobey Maguire no doubt played the outcast part of Peter Parker perfectly. Raimi didn't want Peter to be the most good looking kid in his class, or some punk skateboarder, he wanted him to be a shy nerd who was in love with a popular chick who was way out of his league. And why many would argue that his version of Spider-Man was very dry and not very goofy like the comics, it wouldn't work if Peter just suddenly changed when he dawned the mask. Without it he still has his powers so that would make no difference.

The Love Story

Kirsten Dunst Spider-Man (2002)
Kirsten Dunst Spider-Man (2002)

Ahh, Mary Jane, the cause of all of Peter Parker's problems, his spide bite, his loss of powers, and the reason the symbiote clinger to his bike. Kirsten Dunst is no doubt darn gorgeous, she's a nagger but the story of how Peter got Mary Jane is just marvelous. Think about it, Peter had to earn Mary Jane's love. He saved her three times in one movie, and as Mary Jane said at the end of the first Spider-Man, she wasn't thinking about Spidey dangling from that bridge, she was thinking about Peter, who has always been there for her. Unlike in The Amazing Spider-Man, how Gwen Stacy literally threw herself on Peter (or Peter on her) Raimi's story always hits closer to home for the outsiders who just can't seem to get a girlfriend.

The Villains

With The exception of Venom of course, Raimi and his Screen writer always took their time to create the best visuals and backgrounds for the antagonists. Green Goblin was the father figure fighting his son's best friend, and he didn't care because to him anyone was getting in the way of what he wanted. Doctor Octopus was a visionary scientist who was gonna change the world, but ultimately ended up changing his life for the worst, with mechanical arms welded on him and his wife dying, his artificially intelligent arms convinced him that his alter ego spider-man had killed his wife and dreams. But in the end doc ock wasn't the villain, in fact he was the hero who had saved New York, what Spider-Man really wanted deep inside was to save Mary Jane, because a world without the woman he loved was none at all.


So what do you think was Sam Raimi's version the best of Spidey?


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