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Here are my casting picks for The Spectacular Spider-Man Coming out July, 17 2017. Took a lot of time but i got through it and here it is.

Christoph Waltz - Norman Osborn

This Man is incredible. From playing a rich Bounty Hunting Dentist in Django Unchained to playing the Villian in the upcoming James Bond Movie "Spectre". He is the perfect Choice.

Shailene Woodley - Mary Jane Watson

She was already cast as Mary Jane in the Amazing Spider-man 2, but for what ever reason her footage was not used in the movie. I was really excited when she was casted but they never used her and i hope they do in the future.

J.K Simmons - J Jonah Jameson

This is arguably the best casting choice in comic book movie history. Nuf said.

Christian Bale - Shocker/ Herman Schultz

I'm just as mad as you guys that they recasted batman. Christian Bale is the best batman hands down but know i think its time for him to come back to the big screen but not as a hero as a burglar who is a high school drop out with the knowledge of a College graduate in engineering with an attitude towards superheroes.

Dave Franco - Harry Osborn

I think James Franco was a great Harry now hes to old so... lets give it to his Brother.

Liev Shreiber - Kraven The Hunter

He has played a similar villian in another marvel movie that was horrible. *Cough* X-Men origins Wolverine *Cough* The best part of that movie in my opinion was Liev Shreiber's protrayal as Sabrtooth.

Sally Field - May Parker

She was the best Aunt May so far that I've seen and i really liked how she was a big part in peter's life and i'd like to see it again.

John Travolta - Dr. Otto Octavius/ Doctor Octopus

Imagine... your favorite Hit man with a glasses and tentacles trying to destroy your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man. He definitely has the Acting Chops and the age. So watching this guy at least try would be magic.

John Malkovich - The Vulture

This man has been in over 70 movies and is quite memorable for most of them. He was in talks of playing the Vulture in Sam Raim's planned Spider-man 4. After that plan fell through he couldn't play this character... Untill Know.

Logan Lerman - Peter Parker/Spider-man

This dude is great. From the nerdy type in Perks of being a Wallflower. To the superhero type In the Percy Jackson series, and lets not forget his role in Fury i think he would be a spectacular spider-man.

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