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Breaking News!

Attention everybody, the coolest thing you will hear today is coming up right in a second!

Killer Croc has (reportedly) been cast for the Suicide Squad movie!

He will be played by the former Lost star, Adewale Akkinouye-Agbaje.

And.... Raymond Olubowale was (rumored) cast as King Shark for the film as well!

I personally think that these are awesome castings for truly awesome characters.

While their roles in the movie have not yet been revealed, I think that I've formed a pretty solid little fan theory based off of the castings.

Here's how it goes:

About a month ago, it was revealed that Jay Hernandez would be portraying the role of El Diablo in the movie as well. This is something that I, actually, predicted a few months back. Read it here.

It was also revealed in the last week that King Shark would appear in the [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363).

To me, this plus the Killer Croc casting can only mean one thing: WB is collecting expendable characters.

Yes, that sounds a little blunt; and I don't mean any offense to El Diablo, King Shark, or Killer Croc, but it just seems so obvious to me.

I'm predicting right now that El Diablo will definitely not make it all the way through the movie and that Killer Croc/King Shark will be killed off near the end.

My guess is that Croc will either not be on the team (only appearing as a character relevant to The Joker's part of the story) or he will be on the team to replace King Shark (or the other way around). To be honest, I could be a combination of all of that. Another possibility is that Joker serves as the main villain for the film, using Croc as a powerhouse minion of sorts (this is one of my personal favorites, because it would mean that we'd probably get to see a fight between Croc and Shark).

Assuming that Warner Brothers is compiling a healthy roster of expendable Task Force X members, I would like to provide some eligible choices for characters to use.

More expendables-


Warrant has only appeared in a few issues of the New 52 Suicide Squad run. But, from what I saw of him in his small appearance, I liked.


She is pretty low profile and just the right mix of interesting and uninteresting to be an expendable character.

The Fiddler:

I've always thought the Fiddler was kind've cool. But, not cool enough to last the whole movie.


An original New 52 character, and a cool one at that. He's got powers that would be interesting to see on screen. He would serve pretty well as an expendable character.

That's all for now, fans. I'll see you next time!


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