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I recently posted about a promotion to host Swearnet: The Movie in US cities.

I have just learned the film is available on Netflix video streaming.

It’s not the easiest story to explain. Perhaps it is best described as a fictitious reality movie.

Robb Wells, John Paul Tremblay and Mike Smith, stars of the ultra-popular Trailer Park Boys (TPB) play themselves in Swearnet. Despite the success of TPB, their attempts at getting work after the show have been stymied.

A large obstacle to their moving on is the vast censorship they face. It tries their patience to the breaking point. Hence, they come up with the idea to start an internet network that features most of the types of programming on traditional networks except it includes plenty of swearing.

The boys have, in real-life, started the exact same thing in, a subscription-based service.

Back to the movie:

The boys spend their wild and crazy time in Swearnet: The Movie involved in publicity stunts to drive their new network’s membership to pay off a highly eccentric and intimidating loan shark and his sidekick.

As things progress, somewhat unevenly, the story culminates in a road race with Tremblay and Wells in a vehicle while Smith works behind the scenes.

Swearnet: The Movie is filled with the trademark raunchy humor and slapstick violence that fans of the boys have come to love.

It is also chock full of swearing. Vulgarisms come every few seconds. In fact, producers claim it set a world’s record for cussing.

If that weren’t enough to unsettle the skittish, it also has plenty of bits involving exposed male genitalia.

Those two matters, in and of themselves, more or less tanked the movies’ chances of getting a wide release in cinemas.

Clearly, Swearnet: The Movie is a cult film, designed to appeal to the legion of fans of appreciate the boys’ ultra-raunchy brand of humor.

Chances are pretty good that the unfamiliar will find it rough going.

On the other hand, fans searching unsuccessfully to view the movie now have the opportunity to watch it in the comfort of their own homes.

The boys hit the open road.
The boys hit the open road.
With guests Carrot Top and Tom Green.
With guests Carrot Top and Tom Green.
Pat Roach as Swearman.
Pat Roach as Swearman.

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