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A few days ago, an announcement was made. The Transformers movie realm will become its own cinematic universe, like Marvel and DC, and have different movie and story lines. However, what the people over at Paramount should really do is start off the Transformers with a clean slate. I have a proposition for a Transformers trilogy and maybe some of you will like what I have to say, and others may just think that I am full of it. Michael Bay has seriously destroyed the Transformers name, and most people are beginning to catch on to his "director" motives.

Michael Bay has a simple method of explosion<explosion<explosion<young women<explosion<explosion<end. This method really just makes everyone upset because it has become a sad cliche.

Transformers: Age of Cybertron (first installment of the trilogy)

First off, a good director is needed to make this movie happen, that is why I choose either Christopher Nolan, Zack Synder, or Joss Whedon to take on the task of bringing the Transformers to life. Now, begin the movie with Primus and Unicron having their chaotic battle. Now many of you may wonder,

Primus is the life giver of all Autobots and is the incarnation of life, however, Unicron is the living incarnation of death. Before time began, Primus and Unicron had battled for power of the universe, and it was only with the creation of the Thirteen Primes that Primus was able to cast Unicron out.

The redone movie should show;

  • Primus and Unicron
  • The creation of the orginal Thirteen
  • Orion Pax
  • Megatron as Megatronus the Gladiator
  • Megtronus and Orion as allies
  • Megtronus turn on Orion and start the Great War of Cybertron
  • Orion Pax gain the Matrix of Leadership
  • Then finally end the movie with Megatron fighting Optimus

The whole movie will take place on Cybertron and have no humans enter the movie. The movie will give the characters a background that makes people really feel for them. The Aligned Continuity, which is the main Transformers story line, is what many people would absolutely love to see in a movie. Orion Pax, Megatronus, The Thirteen Primes, The actual Matrix of Leadership (not that bull they used in Revenge of the Fallen), and The Arc landing on Earth. Which brings me to the next movie.

Transformers: Reign of Megatron (needs improvement)

The second installment in the Transformers Trilogy will start of with the end of the Great War and the Arc leaving Cybertron. Than show the Arc and the Nemesis get shot down to Earth. The rest of the plot I am unsure about, but maybe it can end with Megatron's death or something along those lines.

Transformers: Unicron (also needs improvement)

The third installment should show the death of Optimus Prime and the Matrix being passed on to maybe Hot Rod or Ultra Magnus. Maybe have the Autobots collect the Iacon relics, or perhaps the Omega Keys for the Omega Lock.. At this moment, I cannot think of anything for the third or second installments.

If anyone of you have ideas on the Transformers Cinematic Universe feel free to comment below. Also make sure to follow for more


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