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Hello, my name is Ethan and welcome too the final post you'll ever read. Just kidding I'm not really gonna kill you, yet your childhood might die after reading this. This is a theory that quite a few people not only know, but believe as well. I am one of the people that believe that is may of happened. I myself am a big fan of Pokemon, anyway lets get on with the theory. In one of the beginning episodes of Pokemon, Ash was struck by lightning and turned into stone. Considering the fact he was only 12 there is a very slim chance was able to survive. Even if he did he would most likely be paralyzed. This would lead too him being in the hospital. He falls into a coma and starts too dream of adventures he would have if he was still out there. This would explain why he stays 12 through out the entire Pokemon series. It also would explain after no matter how much he does in one place, no one would know who he was the next town he went to. Every person he met would be a resemble a part of his personality. Brock being his repressed sexuality since he got into the coma a virgin, as such he needed an outlet for his sexual frustration. Misty on the other hand represents his arrogance. Gary Oak is what Ash want's to be. He was able to settle down after his work with Pokemon. Team Rocket are Ash's qualities the he deems "negative" yet is coming too terms with. They want too appease Giovanni, Ash's father figure, their partner Meowth represents Ash's corrupted innocence. That's all I have too say about that theory. Hope you enjoyed and remember, always check on my page 'cause I'll be posting as much as I possibly can.


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