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Last week while everyone was fancasting who they would like to see as the Avengers I was just sitting over here waiting for someone to announce a Bat Family film. Batman is on of DC's big two and he has a supporting cast that is almost as famous as himself. This is why we need a Bat Family movie, so without further ado here is my Bat Family fancast!!!

John Hurt as Alfred Pennyworth

Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Nightwing

Jensen Ackles as Red Hood

Dave Franco as Red Robin

David Mazouz as Damian Wayne

Deborah Ann Woll as Batgirl

Kate Walsh as Batwoman

Kate Beckinsale as Catwoman

Bryan Cranston as Commissioner James Gordon

And there you have it my Bat Family! Let me know what you think in the survey below or feel free to comment your suggestions and fancast!


What do you think of my Bat Family?


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