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Are you a die-hard fan of "The Hobbit"? Are you overwhelmed with sadness that the visual masterpiece and spectacularly awesome trilogy is no more? That you'll never see another film in the series?

Be sad no more, my friend! For I write this article bearing gifts of awe and amazement, akin to what you would expect of your beloved triology!

If you don't already know, I have been following and tracking the progress of an upcoming Independent Fantasy Feature from filmmakers, Christopher Raney (Director & Writer) and Zachary W. Amundson (Writer). A film somewhat akin to "The Blair Witch Project", this upcoming Fantasy Feature, aptly titled "The Dwarves of Demrel", centres around three Dwarven miners, who unwittingly find themselves imprisoned in a mine. With a mysterious unknown creature lurking in the mist, the miners must battle despair & starvation, if they have any hope/chance at survival.

Sounds good, right?

Well, keep reading folks, there's only a little way to go, and I have SO MUCH MORE to tell you!

In my first post, we looked at all the behind the scenes, pre-production stuff on this movie, from the location, to the elaborate costumes, and right on back to prosthetics and skillful make-up. If you missed that, feel free to check it out here.

In January of this year, the movie officially went into production, and now more than halfway through their shoot, DoD has dropped some VERY cool character posters on us! The first, you can check out if you click here.

And the second?

Scroll on down...

Enigmatic, Cryptic and Intelligent....Meet Calcas!

Credit: Plastic Tree Productions
Credit: Plastic Tree Productions
If there was a black sheep within the mining company, Calcas is it. His intelligence and demeanor alienate him from the other Dwarves initially, until the confinements of the mine and their predicament force interaction.

Want to know what kind of gift you could get this enigmatic Dwarf?

A dragon quill....waterproof, leather bounded, travel size accounter's scroll.
But that's it. Don't waste your coin on anything more. It would be excessive.

As beatifully shot as our previous poster reveal, they're a little too beautiful for Moviepilot - so we have to see them in a slightly lower resolution, but make no mistake. The beautiful and striking nature of this poster, is what you can come to expect from DoD.

So if DoD sounds like something you could get into, head on over to the Facebook Page, and click "like" to make sure you're up-to-date on all things DoD! And of course, you can always follow the official page on here, and my profile, for regular updates and cool exclusive content!


What do you think? Does DoD sound like your kind of movie?


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