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So picture this: You're sitting at home on Tuesday. Sitting in your favorite pajamas that grandma bought you last year, flipping through channels because you can't find anything interesting besides the evening news. When all of a sudden you stumble across The CW and see a familiar lightning bolt Flash across your screen (no pun intended). Who could it be than that childhood superhero who is faster than fast, speeding through the streets to stop meta-humans, its The Flash!

Now if your nostalgia hasn't kicked in then I have no idea what is going on with comic book lovers these days. Thanks to The CW, the flash takes on the Berry Allen version of DC Comics The Flash. With a great cast, mesmerizing special effects (for a television show), and lets not forget to mention the superhero we all would love to be! If that doesn't wet your appetite for speed then check out this promo clip:

Now say it with me, MIND BLOWING! Now if that still doesn't feed you the proper comic book/TV dinner then maybe you should tune in to see for yourself! The Flash airs new on Tuesdays at 8/7c on The CW! Also for more info on the show check out its page at So fans and fans of fans, this is our show to take us back to yesteryear and jump into a fantasy that we all wish we could live. Well at least for the hour that its on, but none the less, we are all speedsters at heart!


So how do you think The CW did with a comic book favorite?


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