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Why does the Walking Dead have every person who is the moral compass or voice of reason die a nasty death? It is definitely not a safe stance for anyone.

1. Dale

First, there was Dale. The motor home widower who kept the group on the strait and narrow for quite awhile. He taught Glenn how to be more than just a pizza delivery guy, had the heart to convince Andrea she didn't want to kill herself and fortitude to stand up to Shane. He was a very reasonable and lovable guy. He was attacked by a walker in the middle of a field.

2. Andrea

Second, we have Andrea. She didn't come into her role as a self appointed moderator until she moved into Woodbury. She tried hard to bring some sort of agreement or arrangement between the Governor and Rick. Little did she know that no matter what was offered or agreed to, the Governor was determined to kill everyone in Rick's group and take the prison. Andrea was captured by the Governor and tied up and locked in a room with a fatally wounded doctor. She (clumsily) tried to free herself, but was too late.

3. T Dog

T Dog deserves honorable mention. He was not a major player in changing the group's mindset on any one issue, but was a genuinely good guy. He was there when you needed him for just about anything you needed him to do. T Dog lost his fight with the zombies in the tombs of the prison saving Carol's life.

4. Hershel

And then there was Hershel, husband, father, veterinarian and recovering alcoholic. Hershel took the group in so Carl could heal from his bullet wound and they ended up staying until the farm fell to walkers. Once at the prison, Hershel became Rick's bridge to sanity after Lori's death. Then, just when you thought it was safe to relax a bit, in came the fracking Governor again. The SOB finds a new group that has some major toys, like a tank. Still lusting after the prison, he takes Hershel and Michonne as hostages. Rick tries to negotiate by giving one of his best speeches. But, again, the Governor has no intention to negotiate or make any kind of agreement. He beheaded our beloved Hershel.

5. Reg

Reg is a married architect and who designed and helped build the wall around Alexandria. We didn't get to see him long, but he looked like he could have been an interesting long term character. He was going to mentor Noah and spoke up for Rick. Reg fell to Pete, the Porch Dick, wife beater who was wielding Michonne's sword.

6. Michonne

Now Michonne has been stepping up and voicing her opinions, especially about the group needing Alexandria, and she is right. I hope, from the last scene in [The Walking Dead](series:201193) Season 5 Finale where she starts wearing her sword again, that she realizes there needs to be a balance and preparation for any possibility. I really don't want to see her go the way of the others.

What do you think? Is it dangerous to be the voice of reason on the Walking Dead?


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