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Richard Riehle, a familiar face that's featured in the likes of Office Space, Transformers : Age of Extinction and the classic war film Glory, has been cast in writer-producer Blu de Golyer's comedy Finding Waldo.

The film marks somewhat of a departure for writer de Golyer and director David Mun, whose previous film together was the horror thriller House of Good and Evil.

The movie tells of a pro ex footballer and an eccentric novelist who break out of a psych ward and go on a drug fueled adventure through the Arizona desert takes them both on the path to redemption.

Riehle plays the head of an insurance company.

The movie, set to begin production in Arizona towards the end of the year, will also star Bo Keister (House of Good and Evil), Rachel Faulkner (Hillbilly Horror Show), and Matthew Jacobs, who stars in the forthcoming Frankenstein.

Executive producers are Robert Krueger, Dennis Willis and Steven Kirk, the team behind the music series Welcome to Soundwaves.

Like fellow comedy Super Troopers 2, Finding Waldo has teamed with IndieGoGo to help finance the film. Please support the campaign here :


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