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Jessica Harmon

Tony Lucca, whose song Delilah is currently riding the charts, has signed to provide the music score for a new movie.

Called Going Due South, the Janet Arlotta produced/written film tells of an up-and-coming reality TV producer who travels to the big Easy to shoot her latest series and finds New Orleans too intoxicating to ignore and Daniel, the sexy southerner, too perfect to want to… even though her career hangs in the balance.

This isn't the first time Lucca, who got his start on The Mickey Mouse Club as a youngster, has contributed music to a film or series; amongst his other credits, TV's Friday Night Lights and the Kevin Costner western Open Range.

“It takes place in New Orleans, which is of course a gorgeous backdrop for any love story but it’s also a city with more musical heritage per square mile than most other cities combined", Lucca said in a statement.

“I am completely honored and extremely inspired to be a part of this project.”

Going Due South recently kicked off its crowdfunding campaign and Lucca has recorded a video urging punters to support it.


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