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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is set to explode with a lot of big hitters arriving into the mix both through the big and small screens. Here you get to say which character you are looking forward to seeing the most from Marvel's plans for the Cinematic Universe. Please note [The Inhumans](movie:910490) have not been included as we have not had a list of which Inhumans will be used for the film.

[Ant-Man](movie:9048) is set to join the Cinematic Universe shortly after Age of Ultron. With his size manipulation powers and ability to communicate with insects it will mean he brings a new twist to being a superhero in the Cinematic Universe and surely become a big hit with viewers of all ages.

The King of Wakanda is set to join us during [Captain America: Civil War](movie:994409) before starring in his own film in 2018. His noble attitude and quick brain will be a match for both Captain America and Iron Man. He will definitely be a contender in the Cinematic Universe with his strong sense of pride.

High flying [Captain Marvel](movie:949779) is set to appear in her own film in 2018, however she may appear before then. Her power and strength makes her able to go head-to-head with the likes of Thor and the Hulk, making her a power-house for the Cinematic Universe and will show the men how a woman does it.

Cool and collected lawyer by day, brave and cunning crime fighter by night, [Daredevil](movie:47230) will be the first of the new Netflix series set to air in 2015. Having a reputation to fix from a box-office flop of a movie, Daredevil has to make his mark on the Cinematic Universe to show how brilliant he is as a character.

Master of magic [Doctor Strange](movie:559685) will introduce viewers to the magic world of the Cinematic Universe in 2016. Doctor Strange will add a new dimension to what we have seen already and could easily spell bind us in a visually spectacular fighting style in the Cinematic Universe.

Fists of fury channeled through the power of the chi, Iron Fist will smash his way into the Netflix series joining fellow Defenders at its conclusion. [Iron Fist](movie:6462) will bring an element of refined martial arts into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, pleasing fans of Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee films.

The super-strong beauty Jessica Jones will join the Cinematic Universe through Netflix after Daredevil. Being the first super-powered female to have her own title in the Cinematic Universe puts a lot of pressure on the character, but surely she will win the hearts of viewers while smashing a few bad guys along the way.

Power Man, Luke Cage will follow from Jessica Jones and join the Netflix branch of the Cinematic Universe. With his unbreakable skin and superhuman strength, he is set to be a clobbering addition to the Cinematic Universe and will most likely win the heart of Jessica Jones as he does.

Super speedster Quicksilver will be one of the first new character to join the Cinematic Universe. With his mutant past being off-limits we could see anything for this character, but I am sure the Cinematic Universe will not fail to please fans old and new.

Spellbinding Scarlet Witch will be our first super-powered woman to enter the Cinematic Universe in Age of Ultron. Her powers have been changed for the movie so in a sense fans will be meeting a brand new version of this character which I am sure Joss Wheddon has done justice.

The Vision will bring the A.I into the Cinematic Universe. Always looking to be more human could make this character one that viewers will fall in love with. His diverse powers and abilities will make him a key figure in any fight he is involved with in the Cinematic Universe.

Striking with a sting is Yellow Jacket who will enter the Cinematic Universe alongside Ant-Man in 2015. Having an IQ to rival Tony Stark and a pool of powers to call upon Iron Man may find himself with more time on his hands. How this character will be handled given his changed position in the Cinematic Universe is yet to be known.


Who are you most looking forward to seeing?


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