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Carter Gonzalez

The TurboKat is one of the SWAT Kats main vehicle. People thinks the TurboKat is based on an F-14 Tomcat Fighter Jet, some say an F-18 Tomcat but I think it's based on an F-14 Tomcat. Chance and Jake salvaged her out of old Enforcer vehicles; tanks, choppers, and jets to create this beauty! It's been struck by lightning, blown up, scratched up, impaled, and been to Outer Space but nothing will keep her from flying the mean skies! It has more gadgets than a Swiss Army Knife. When I see a jet like that, I always think of T-Bone and Razor, I wish that I could fly a plane. If this thing could turn into a Transformer or a Mega Zord that'll be sick! If you add some cool music as the TurboKat Flies through the skies like AC/DC Shoot to Thrill, Kenny Loggins Danger Zone, Panic Switch by SilverSun PickUps, Heart Shape Box (Cover) by Dead Sara and it'll be complete. The weapons on the TurboKat are phenomenal, all of them made by Jake Clawson AKA Razor; Baby Boomer Missiles, Banshee Missiles, Blow Torch Missiles, Buzz-Saw Missiles, Cement mini gun, Cookie-Cutter Missiles, Decoy Missiles, Dimensional Radar, a Dragon Sword Missile, Drill bit Missiles, Drop Tops, Ejector Seats, Flashbulb Missiles, Grappling Hook/Cable, Groundhog Missiles, Match head Missiles, Mega Laser, Mega-Manacles, Megavolt Missiles, Mole Missiles, Octopus Missiles, Pincer Missiles, Piranha Missiles, Plain Old Missiles, Radar Jammer, Scrambler Missiles, Shark Head Missiles, Shredder Missiles, Sky Claw, Slicer Missiles, Smoke Screen, Speed of Heat Mode, Speed of Heat Shield, Spider Missiles, Tarpedos, TurboBlades, Upper Missile Launcher, Vibrating Blades, Weapons Panel; Auxiliary, Wire-Clipper Missiles, X-Ray Beam and Foam Bombs. The paint job is Black, Blue, Red and Yellow. Not only is it a jet; It releases a motorcycle called the Cyclotron. The only ones who piloted it was the SWAT Kats, Lt. Felina Feral and Hard Drive. If there was more features on the TurboKat I want to see then let there be an Invisibility Cloak, Force field, laser blasters, Chill Missiles and so many things. If the Jet was real and flying over my house; I would be a very happy person. Sometimes I wish that I can escape Reality and go to MegaKat City.


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