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ABORT! Leave the Room! Bail! Scram!

If you haven't yet seen Episode 15 of Season 2 of [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469) and don't want to have details of the plot and events in the episode given away by this article...

Youse bees in da wrong playce, baybee.

Go read another article; this one is not for you.

Woah! Did not see that one coming!

Commander Gonzalez and his buddy, Agent Calderon, look like they are out to terminate Coulson and Skye. Were it not for a last second shout from Bobbi Morse (Mockingbird), Skye might not have seen Calderon about to shoot her down.

That's not a real gun... damn.  ... ... ... ...Wow!
That's not a real gun... damn. ... ... ... ...Wow!
Oops.  Sorry, tree. Take that, you slug!
Oops. Sorry, tree. Take that, you slug!
Devastating!  Way to go, SKYE!!!
Devastating! Way to go, SKYE!!!

Bobbi had, specifically, ordered all the agents with her helping track down Skye to use "icers" as Skye is a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, "just like us..." She notices, at the last second, that Calderon isn't using an icer - his intent is to kill.

My article last weekend surmised that it was Captain America who was behind the new iteration of S.H.I.E.L.D. But, Cap would never be in favor of cold-blooded murder.

So, Who Would Be That Calculating... and, Cold

The World Security Council. As we saw in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Alexander Pierce was a member of The WSC as were a number of other high-status luminaries. But, Pierce killed all the others before Fury killed him in CA:TWS.

Or, was I mistaken...

Or, has it, possibly, been recreated?

The World Security Council & Alexander Pierce
The World Security Council & Alexander Pierce

We saw just how cold-hearted the WSC was in the first Avengers movie when they determined, against Fury's demand to not, that they would launch an atomic attack to burn Manhattan out in order to end the Chitauri threat before it could spread out of NYC. Several million deaths was far more preferred than to have their demesnes being put at risk.

Of course, it was New Yorkers, but, still...

Iron Man ended up saving the day by directing the missile up and into the portal Loki had created where the missile struck and destroyed the Chitauri mother ship - ending the War of New York.

The Flashbacks were Awesome!

Found!  Izzy & Bobbi find Gonzo
Found! Izzy & Bobbi find Gonzo

We got to see Agent Isabelle "Izzy" Hartley (played by Lucy Lawless), again. She got to do some real hero stuff, this time. And, she showed herself to be in Mockingbird's class as a fighter.

I would have accepted no less from the woman who so ably portrayed the ancient heroine, Xena: Warrior Princess.

We got to see how Bobbi and Mack got joined up from the very start (or, as it were, the very end of the original S.H.I.E.L.D. as it collapsed when the Hydra plague flowed out of its corpse). They were under orders from Fury to find Gonzales then sink the ship to prevent its cargo falling into Hydra's hands.

Prior to sinking the ship, though, they discovered they were in a position to take it back from Hydra and, apparently, they were successful in that endeavor.

So, their association with Gonzales makes perfect sense.

Gonzales and Calderon do not like Coulson or Skye

And, their dislike for our friends borders on hysteric paranoia. They know that he is carrying the residue of the GH-325 that brought him back to life and, ostensibly, are worried he may have become an agent of an alien species who may end up being an enemy of earth.

They also know that Skye was injected with GH-325 and that there was something that happened to her in the tunnels of the abandoned Inhuman city under San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Bad things happened in Puerto Rico
Bad things happened in Puerto Rico

My thought is the WSC is manned by Hydra sympathizers and they are out to eliminate anyone that can safely be eliminated (without exposing their positions) that might be a threat to their dominance. They can't do anything about the current Avengers, of course, but lower profile potentials can be burned before they gain any type of notoriety.

Skye went Home to her "People"


In her haste to defend herself from Agent Calderon, Skye leveled a small section of forest - completely shattering trees, large rocks... and, Calderon and Bobbi Morse. Afterwards, in a panic, she called out to Gordon (who had met briefly with her earlier in the episode and promised to help her with her powers and with discovering herself and who she had become) and *poof*, there he was. He took her in his arms and *poof*, they were gone.

Still haven't seen hide nor hair of Lincoln
Still haven't seen hide nor hair of Lincoln

And, we are still not sure who Gordon represents: Is it the Inhuman society led by Blackbolt and Medusa? Or, is it Ennilux Corporation? Stay tuned because, if it is the latter, Skye is in a bushel basket (or two) of trouble.

Bad guys
Bad guys

And, we don't know if Lincoln is an associate of Gordon's. Or, if, maybe, he is the one who represents Ennilux. Shoot, we don't even know if there is an Ennilux!

The only thing I think I'm sure of is that Gordon is not Reader. Reader had eyes after his transformation and it was discovered his new power was so powerful that it could not be allowed. They cut his eyes out probably leaving scarring and sockets where his eyes originally had been.

Gordon is not Reader?  Who is Lincoln?
Gordon is not Reader? Who is Lincoln?

Gordon has not had eyes beginning with his transformation. And, unlike Reader, Gordon's power, clearly, is teleportation. So, it appears Gordon is an original character to the MCU.

Next Week - More Inhuman Interaction for Skye

Coulson, who was sent to safety by Agent May before he could be hurt by Gonzales and "so that S.H.I.E.L.D. won't die with him..." still has his contacts, apparently. And, his contacts have put him back in touch with Lance Hunter.

Coulson & Hunter freeing May?
Coulson & Hunter freeing May?

And, Lance offers to join Coulson's crew as an agent and he will happily help Coulson overthrow Gonzales' Group and recover his new-found friends (Fitz, Simmons & May) and restore them to service.

Skye, on the other hand, is now "in the hands" of Gordon and those he represents. She wakes to find herself strapped to a bed and pins protruding from her stomach and shoulder. She... becomes concerned...

What are these pins?  Who is Lincoln?
What are these pins? Who is Lincoln?

And, if Gordon works for the Inhuman society (including the Royal Family), might we be about to be introduced to one (or more) of said Royal Family? Might Blackbolt or Medusa stroll into Skye's room to welcome her to her heritage - her people?

Wouldn't that be a dandy way for an episode to turn...



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