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As a whole I love this series, but a large part of me believes this series could have been WAY better. Now, they had some major stinkers in the series that are very forgettable, namely X-Men the Last Stand & X-Men Origins Wolverine. But of late, they have returned to greatness with the last two installments X-Men 1st Class & Days of Future Past. It can be debated whether DOFP is indeed the best X-Men movie ever, while there are others believe that 1st Class is or even X2 United is the best. With all that being said, without completely nitpicking the hell out of the whole collection of X movies, I came up with six details that if addressed, would have made these movies so much better than what they are.

#6. A Battle between Mutants and Humans...ONLY.

Look, I get it, Humans fear and or hate mutants. It is all well and good, but why does it have to be the only players in this series? No aliens, no super humans, or no creatures to throw in the mix. Their range of stories suffer because of this fact, I guess they were going for something more closer to a fictional reality as possible, whatever that means. Well I guess the X-Men will remain Earthling based for the rest of the series.

#5. Characters are not Fleshed out enough.

Now there have been some really cool characters in the series... Colossus, Bishop, Blink... but I have to say, they were there to do some cool things, but never had a voice to get a feel of their temperament....nothing! In the comics and animated series, Bishop was more than a Mutant that could absorb energy. He was passionate about changing their dark future and he just didn't just fuel his gun with power he received, he fired it with his hands. Even to a point, Cyclops himself was slighted, mainly because of Hugh Jackman's Wolverine favoritism in the love triangle. They made him a forgettable jerk when he was more about being a good leader and doing things by the book. The Dark Phoenix was speechless throughout the majority of the 3rd X-Men movie when she should have been one of the most vocal. I would have loved to seen these guys with better material in future movies.

#4. Rivals in the comics virtually have no connection in the movies.

Yeah, sure, classic characters met and they fought, but if you are a comic book fan, you should feel shortchanged a little. When you have Wolverine and Saber-tooth fight each other, it should have been very personal. Sure, In the X-Men Origins Wolverine movie, they made them brothers & had Wolverine on revenge mode for the fake death of his girlfriend at the hands of Saber-tooth. It just didn't have any steam. Except for Professor X vs Magneto & Wolverine vs Striker, there was no other personal battles that were intense. Juggernaut not having a childhood past with Xavier like they did in the comics was another missed opportunity. They fought because they were on opposite sides, there is nothing wrong with having some real personal rivalries.

#3. [X-Men: Days Of Future Past](movie:203942): Why the ten year gap?

X-Men 1st Class was awesome, it actually really surprised me how good it was. I looked forward to what would happen next. What kind of disappointed me was the time elapsed between the two films...10 years. They filled in all the holes about what happen to most of the characters in the DOFP, but no explanation on how Magneto was captured. they weren't ready for his type of power, how did they catch him? I never liked that, I was hoping to see a classic battle between Professor X and Magneto after what happened on the island, chances are we won't, but we can hope. Ten years is too much time between these types of movies.

#2. The Sentinels had no voice.

I know there were things that were not going to be in DOFP, Wolverine not turning Sentinels into scrap metal, a little hard with bone claws. Yes, I would have loved to see the Sentinels fire energy projectiles... but for me, the fact that they didn't shout "MUTANTS!!!", was pretty disappointing. Just imagine that robotic voice coming out those space type polymer ceramic giants. What was probably a little more disappointing, was the fact that there wasn't an A.I. system that had a voice and an opinion that would eventually become self aware and realize that mutants and humans were both the problem and started taking control of everything. That would have made more sense in the future world. But then again, if this was the future, where were they all this time. That is a major boo boo there as far as continuity goes.

#1 X-Men, not in the MCU.

Not having the X-men somewhere in any of the Marvel movies is kind of a tragedy. I know FOX has a legal stranglehold on the rights and Marvel is trying to get the rights back from them once they are done making the X-Men movies. There is no telling if that is going to happen anytime soon. With casting of younger characters like Cyclops, Storm, and Jean Grey, they may be doing more than a trilogy. I do wish Marvel could get the X-Men back, they would definitely put a more traditional spin on the characters that I look forward to seeing. X-men vs The Avengers anyone? I am down for that!

Bonus : This may not be the Apocalypse we are going to get.

With the Age of Apocalypse in the works and the main villain already cast, it lead me to wonder, is he going to be the menacing beast that he is in the comics and the animated series? Probably not. In the TV series he was like Darth Vader on steroids, preached evil and was physically stronger than anyone, virtually unstoppable. His hatred for mutants and humans should be a very interesting story because it will be a first time in the series that one character displays that kind of hatred. I hope ends up to be one of the best super villains ever depicted in the series. He is a favorite of mine, I am hoping for the best.


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