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With Suicide Squad just around the (2016-shaped) corner, and shooting set to begin any day now in Toronto, it's no real surprise that anticipation levels relating to the movie are rising at a frantic pace.

After all, the movie is set to not only bring the Suicide Squad to the big screen - but The Joker, too. Add in Oscar-winner Jared Leto's recent casting as the Clown Prince of Crime, and we've got ourselves a whole lot to be excited about.

Especially since Leto keeps coming out with awesome teases of just what we can expect from his, for instance, this (very much NSFW, if your speakers are on) snippet of what sure sounds like The Joker's voice:

Now, admittedly, that's just a glimpse of Leto fooling around on his European tour with Thirty Second to Mars, and so it's hard to tell how far along with the voice he is - or, in fact, whether he's intended for it to be The Joker at all.

Knowing Leto's fondness for fan-teasing, though, I wouldn't bet against it being a first earful of the Joker's dulcet tones - which raises a pretty big question:

Does Leto Sound More Like the Joker Than the Joker's That Have Gone Before Him?

Well, there's only one way to find out - by seeing how he compares. Take a listen to Leto's performance above, and then see how it holds up to three of the most legendary vocal takes on the villain.

First up:

Jack Nicholson, in Batman

With a husky, dangerous-sounding take on the character, Nicholson captures The Joker's lethal side perfectly - but remains very much Jack Nicholson throughout...

Meanwhile, there's also:

Mark Hamill, in Batman: The Animated Series

For many, Hamill's voice will always be the quintessential Joker - capturing all the manic levity that a more Silver-age take on the hero demands - but is he a match for the most modern - and arguably greatest - version of the villain?

Heath Ledger, in The Dark Knight

An iconic take on an already iconic character, Heath Ledger's portrayal of The Joker not only sparked thousands of cosplayers into action, but opened up a world of creepy lines for us all to quote back and forth to each other in his ever-distinctive voice...

What do you think, though?


Who has the best Joker voice?



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