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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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Paranormal investigators often find terrifying things - that's kind of the nature of their job. Ed and Lorraine Warren famously discovered many frightening supernatural phenomena, including the incident of the possessed antique Raggedy Anne doll that inspired the movie Annabelle.

Now, Allen Tiller and the team behind Haunting: Australia have found another case which could create an equally terrifying movie...

Photo 1: A little girl walks the halls of this asylum

The apparition, showing the full body of the little girl's ghost, was taken at Beechworth Lunatic Asylum, Australia, which has been abandoned since 1995. Photographer Gaurav Tiwari took the photos as part of the Haunting: Australia investigation.

Group leader Tiller commented on the frightening experience:

"The Asylum used to house aggressive youths from 18 to 25, and in there I heard a door slamming, and I audibly heard footsteps go up the hallway.
Then we had clear EVPs [electronic voice phenomena] of a couple of people say 'Get out.'"

Photo 2: A dead guard haunts an abandoned prison

This photo was taken in Geelong Gaol, Victoria - an Australian prison long closed for use. The paranormal investigation team used electromagnetic field detectors and full-spectrum cameras to capture these terrifying images.

Photo 3: A male ghost in a dark, disused basement

This image shows a man haunting the basement of Australia's North Kapunda Hotel. Spiritual investigator Tiller - who uses voice recorders to capture spirits who wish to communicate - speaks calmly of the creepy experiences he's had with the other side:

"I'm there to record anything that might come up, with the outcome being hopefully that we can prove life after death.
A lot of people think dying is the end."

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