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As if there wasn't enough reason to venture to the cinema to see George Miller's eagerly anticipated return to hell with Mad Max: Fury Road, and its who's who of incredible performers, the word on the street is the Batman v Superman trailer will be coming along for the apocalyptic ride on May 15th!

"ABOUT TIME," I can hear you scream and it's beyond true. Collider has dropped the exciting news, ahead of WB's first big summer release, that all copies of Fury Road will be fronted by the Dawn of Justice trailer.

Justice is comin'!
Justice is comin'!

You may think May 15th is a bit late for the trailer to be released, seeing as it is seemingly ready to go, but with Avengers: Age of Ultron set to destroy box office records, social media and people's minds in equal abandon, holding off until two weeks after AoU has released is a brilliant move. Not forgetting that AoU will have the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer attached too.

What a time to be a geek!

"Too much. Too much choice."
"Too much. Too much choice."

The words on everyone's lips are AoU and even a behemoth the size Dawn of Justice could get caught up in Marvel Studio's tailwind and be reduced to mere dust. As a geek, that'd be the last thing I'd want to see, and I'm really hoping that WB, DC Entertainment and Zack Snyder have their game face on as they prepare to enter the ring with the undisputed champions of supermovies.

Besides all that though, back to Mad Max: Fury Road! Have you seen the latest trailer? Man, I tell you, that film is shaping up to be absolutely batshit insane, and I cannot wait for it to be burnt into my retinas.

I mean, take a look for yourself:

Miller must've been doing a little two-step of glee after his movie has received such a monumental boost. But irrespective of this great Batman v Superman news, I have to reiterate how great a time this is to be a geek!

So many things to look forward to!

What about you?

Are you losing sleep dreaming about all the geeky treats we will be subjected to over the coming years?

Whose universe would you most like to visit?

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