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When the news broke a few days back that Hugh Jackman might actually be stepping down from his most iconic role - the X-Men series' Wolverine - it took a while for the gravity of the situation to really kick in. After all, for many of us, Hugh Jackman has spent the last fifteen years of our lives as a cinematic icon of sorts - a steadying hand on the tiller during rough superhero-ing seas.

So, if he really were to leave the X-Men movies - as this post to Twitter last weekend sure did seem to suggest...

...what on Earth would we do without him?

Well, it hardly bears thinking about - but since we may well have to sooner rather than later, we thought we should probably start looking at the possible candidates to replace him.

First, though:

A Reminder of Just What They'd Have to Live Up To

And...pulling myself together...OK...Here are five possible options for a new Wolverine...

First up:

The Big Name: Tom Hardy

Hardy's brooding, intense, can grow a fantastic beard, and has a whole lot more name recognition than most actors who'd be physically capable of taking on the role - plus, he does berserker better than almost any other actor alive...

Snikt Rating: 9/10

The Jawline: Scott Eastwood

Well, he's certainly got the face for it - and if there's anyone's DNA you'd want playing Wolverine, it'd be Clint Eastwood's. Could he match up to the rigors of a Wolverine shoot, though?

Snikt Rating: 8/10

The Geek Icon: Karl Urban

He'd be an outside the box-choice in terms of proven box-office success, but there aren't many more popular actors with fans than Karl Urban. Plus, he's already proven with Dredd that he's got the chops to play a tough, surly and distinctly dark superhero...

Snikt Rating: 8/10

The Up-And-Comer: Jack Huston

If anything, Huston could be seen as being too conventionally good-looking for the role of Wolverine - but with his acting range, there's little doubt he could play the subtleties of Logan's character better than most. Could he match the look, though?

Snikt Rating: 7/10

The Outside Bet: Shia LaBeouf

Well, it is April 1 as I write this - but stranger castings have worked out...

Snikt Rating: 3/10

What do you think, though?


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