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When many Harry Potter fans think about Severus Snape, their hearts often fill with sorrow at the memory of the Potions professor with the sombre, torturous tale. Certainly, it hurts to learn how isolated, misunderstood and lonely he had been all of his life and J. K. Rowling's final revelation, that this coldly sarcastic man was in fact one of the bravest souls of the series, is heart-breaking.

Yet, not everyone thinks that his backstory is as tragic as perceived and some insist that the sallow-skinned, hook-nosed professor did indeed get too much sympathy from Harry's loyal fan-base. After all, despite being intrinsically good, we mustn't forget that he did also commit a lot of evil in the process.

Illustrators Julia Lepetit and Andrew Bridgman certainly think that he shouldn't be completely forgiven and have posted a short comic strip that makes us consider whether perhaps Snape shouldn't deserve so much of our sympathy.

Take a look!

As Snape lies dying, he has a final interaction with Harry

He admits why he was so terrible to him over the years

Somehow his confession does not go quite to plan...

Seeing his mother insulted, his rage continues to grow

He refuses to take the memories, smashing them aggressively on the floor

Bad-ass Potter FOR THE WIN!

Do you agree that Snape is undeserving of our pity?

Take a look at this scene to make up your mind:



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