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Mulan is without a doubt among the greatest Disney movies ever made, and I would stand by the statement even with a horde of bloodthirsty Huns rampaging toward me on a mountain. I mean, how many Disney princesses can endure that kind of onslaught and single-handedly thwart it? JUST ONE.

Now that Disney has announced plans for a live-action remake, Mulan fans everywhere are clamoring to know more. I, on the other hand, think we need to take a moment and get back to the roots of the story. Before we get all hyped up on a new movie, let's make sure that we've got the original down first.

So, you think you know Mulan like Chien-Po knows a good meal? Well, leave your flower comb behind and get into battle! Test how well you really know Mulan with this expert-level quiz.


Which actress offered her singing voice for the role of Mulan?

Answer: Lea Salonga


What color parasol does Mulan take to the matchmaker?

Answer: Teal


When the Emperor is offering his piece of wisdom, what "can tip the scale?"

Answer: A single grain of rice


Who gives Mulan "an apple for serenity, a pendant for balance, and beads of jade for beauty?"

Answer: Her grandmother


Mulan is the FIRST Disney film to openly deal with what mature topic?

Answer: Warfare


Why was Mulan ALMOST rated PG instead of G?

Answer: Use of the word "cross-dresser"


What classic painting is jokingly referenced in the first scene with Mulan's ancestors?

Answer: American Gothic


Shan Yu uses a doll to deduce where the imperial armies are. What quality does he NOT mention the doll having?

Answer: Coal eyes from village mines


What animal guardian is NOT in the ancestors' temple?

Answer: Frog


How does Shang Yu die?

Answer: Gets hit with a firework and explodes

There you have it!

So, how did you do? Did you bring your family honor and glory with your extensive Mulan knowledge? Or did you disappoint on your ancestors? Let me know in the comments!


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