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Last week was comic week on Moviepilot, and we had some of the biggest names in the comic world join us to create amazing content, and contests! Lee Bermejo critiqued the work of our fan artists, Mark Millar talked about the new age of fans, while Dan Slott told us what Spidey really means to him.

Meanwhile, over 100 of you guys were busy putting together some incredible Top 5 lists of your favorite comic book characters, and we enjoyed reading every one of them!

Alas, there can only be one winner this time around, and who ever it is will be quite busy for the next year.... building new shelves to house their $650 worth of amazing comics!

Without further ado, the winner of the comic book prize pack is...

Manuel Castellanos: What These 5 Superheroes Have Meant To Me

We received a lot of entries for this contest, but Manuel's stood out from the crowd, as he shared the valuable life lessons he's learnt from growing up with comics, and the impacts these characters have had upon his life. It was a heartwarming read, and the reason we're so proud of this geek community. Congratulations Manuel - looking forward to seeing more amazing posts from you in the future.

We always look for creativity when deciding on the winning posts for contests, so I'd like to give a shout out to those who really thought outside the box, and delivered some strong pieces which really raised the game.

Aaron Hubbard, as per his usual flair, turned his contest entry into a Top 5 Cosplay Ideas For Comic Con. I highly recommend giving this a read!

CJ A Glover, for his obscure and exciting selection of anime, superheroes, horror and... The Red Power Ranger?!

John Cipriano Mendez wrote his first post for this contest, and absolutely nailed it! I also appreciate anyone who declares an equal love for both Marvel and DC!

Josh Drake really took it to another level by listing his Top 5 Most Relatable Superheroes. Again, nice work and loved the personal aspect you brought to it!

Micah James Nebeker shared his very personal journey with comic books, which was our absolute pleasure to read and enjoy.

Tony Wing for his beautifully written 5 Greatest Comic Creations. Welcome to Moviepilot, Tony. We would love to see more from you!

Zane Sanders went down the Marvel route, and shared his Top 5 Female Marvel Heroes, including a fun fact and fan cast for each! Nice work Zane!

Congratulations to everyone who entered - you should all be very proud of your incredible imaginations.

Want to get involved in this week's contest?

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