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It has been announced that Robert Z'Dar passed away at the age of 64 on Monday.

He was in Pensacola, in Florida, planning to appear at a comic con and film festival when he was hospitalized with chest pains. Just when he appeared to get better, he went into a fatal cardiac arrest.

The Pensacon Chairman, Mike Ensley, paid his respects:

“Everyone at Pensacon is very saddened [...] But we are glad he was here and that he didn’t pass away alone.”

Over 120 film and TV credits to his name

Over his lifetime, the actor has most certainly made a mark on the horror scene in Hollywood, having starred in many cult classics, including Maniac Cop, Soultaker and Samurai Cop.

Known for his large face with the huge jutting jaw, his appearance often landed him the roles of villains. For almost three decades, the actor appeared in at least one film a year and was a very active member of the entertainment community.

Take a look at him in action in Maniac Cop trailers from 1988 to 1993 below:

Robert you will be missed, and rest assured that the maniacal world will not be the same without you.



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