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I'm a large consumer of just about all things media, and occasionally will try to regurgitate something creative and insightful.
Atticus Tsai-mcCarthy

Being a huge fan of almost all things media, videogames, comicbooks, books, TV shows, movies, and whatever else you can think of, I always wonder what my favorite franchises would like like in different forms or what would happen if a franchise added a new chapter after so many years. In this post I am referring to the fake trailers posted by IGN over the past few years.

Remember this? Years ago, when I was but a wee lad of...13, this trailer surfed the waves of the internet and took it by storm. I was completely fooled. Well done, IGN, well done. Really though, I want a film like this. It captures the grand scale of a Legend of Zelda adventure, as well as the magic and mystery of a proper fantasy piece. Everything just feels right and makes me wonder why Nintendo doesn't see the potential in such a project? Well I thought they did when the Legend of Zelda Netflix series was rumored, but then they officially announced that it wasn't. Has the Super Mario Bros. Movie done so much damage?


You know what? Nintendo, I understand. Don't let Hollywood have access to your licenses, but why not do something yourself?

Now, besides their Legend of Zelda fake out, today IGN released the trailer for Fast to the Future, a Back to the Future sequel starring Vin Diesel...

I....I want this. If ever there was a franchise that needed a fourth installment it's Back to the Future...Okay, no. I don't believe that. But this just looks like so much fun. "Just like old times." Okay, not a whole movie, because I don't believe I would be able to bring myself to spend thirteen dollars to see a mockery of one of my favorite movies all time, but a comedic short akin to The Rock's Bambi reboot.

(Just with a higher budget.)

Well done IGN. You have made me a more demanding consumer than I already was.


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