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Robin Shields

Helix is one of the best shows to come out of the Syfy Channel in a long while. After way too many reality shows that were (and are) getting too repetitive and very boring, Helix is a very welcomed change. It started out with a heavy dose of twisting plot lines and a whole cast of soap opera characters who are all a half a bubble off of plum. Your best advice, trust no one. So, buckle up it's going to be a bumpy ride.

I agree with another contributor, the show reminds me of LOST in that it is really bizarre. It also reminds me of American Horror Story because each season is centered around one location, one disease that is different from the last one. And, while the location, etc. may be different from year to year, the core group of characters has remained the same.

The first season of Helix was set in in the Arctic when a group of CDC scientists are sent to deal with a disease outbreak at an isolated research facility run by the Ilaria Corp. Two of the scientists are brothers, one works for Ilaria and the other for the CDC. The brothers aren't speaking because one slept with the other's wife. And that is only a small part of the drama going on with the characters. The Arctic backdrop is very reminiscent of The Thing leaving you looking for the predictable alien creature on a mission to assimilate everyone out of their underwear. You learn later it is actually a smoke monster... Oops, wait, wrong show. But this is one place where the polar bears would fit in. Oh, well, the first season was a great start and it did it's job well. It left you waiting eagerly for Season 2.

Season two is even more strange than the first. This season is set on an isolated island with an all new lethal disease. The island has a religious order with an Abby where they worship. The whole scenario reminds me of the craziness behind The Children of the Corn except there is no He who lives behind the rows. But, just take a look at the promo graphic.

See what I mean?

We are mid season and yes, it has more than it's fair share of WTF moments. The brothers and the ex wife are back with one or two of the other season one characters along with a new crop of crazies contributing to the strangeness. The religious leader is just plain creepy and his followers are a cross between the Jim Jones followers and The Stepford Wives. And, for heaven sake don't look in the basement, but if you must, remember, I warned you.

Who knows how this season will end up and it is anyone's guess where Season 3 will take us? All in all, it is well worth watching.


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