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Recently at a local Comic Con, I was able to have a table with the geniuses behind ASYLUM: The Lost Interrogations. I was able to get a hold of Luck L Mangione, the man behind the Joker makeup for a quick interview on his web series.

What is Asylum: The Lost Interrogations about?

Luck: The show is a dark comedy series that lets the audience see the joker himself being questioned from some of the most uncanny characters you would never expect to see. The show starts off with the Joker in the interrogation room of the prison walls of asylum, but as the series goes along his maniacal ways sets him free to do what he really wants to do and that's to give the world a "better class of criminal" and take over the top spot in the underground works.
Luck Mangione (Joker) and JC Kingsley (Jim Gordon)
Luck Mangione (Joker) and JC Kingsley (Jim Gordon)

So who has been your favorite interrogation in Season 1?

Luck: As far as my favorite i have really enjoyed all of them because it gives me a chance to really try and think like the joker and that's not to have any concerns or consciousness about what he does. He just does things and says what he wants. Its like he has a multiple choice of who he is from day to day.

How does it feel to take on the mantle of the Joker?

Luck: I love playing the role. I have tried to pay homage to all the past jokers from Jack and Heath and Romereo and Hamill. Plus put a little bit of my own craziness into it. On set before I film , a few days beforehand I start getting into character. I stay up late at night just to make myself a little loopy with being overly tired and when i get to set and the make up is on i can feel the transformation take place and I'm no longer Lucky Mangione, but I've embodied this lunatic. I even hope to scare the hell out of some my cast members because i want them get the feeling of uneasiness when I'm in character

How did the Asylum: The Lost Interrogations come together?

Luck: I was sitting in my room watching the dark knight and a particular scene comes to mind. The interrogation scene with batman and the joker,Ledgers performance was incredible.You see how hes more than a crazy guy with clown make up. You see he's smart and mischievous in his ways and how he speaks. So as I'm watching it. I said to myself "wouldn't it be funny if Darth Vader, or Deathstroke was behind him"? What if it was Oprah Winfrey in that room asking questions? It became funny and plain ridiculous. I told JC Kingsley (Jim Gordon) about it at the time and he loved the idea,but he is a visionary and had some ideas as well. He put together a story based on my creation. He put an audition out for certain cast and crew and even though I came up with the idea I still had to audition for the role. And I did. And i got the part. We started filming back in December if i remember and now we have 6 episodes of the 1st Season wrapped. We had some sound issues but we are a new production company and we are getting better as we move forward with things and you can clearly see that from ep 1 to ep 6. We have put out an episode every 2 weeks on schedule as promised to our audience as well. And our team has grown tremendously

Will there be a season 2 and what can we expect?

Luck: Season 2 has some big surprises. You'll see in our episode this Thursday that joker has taken on a more newer and "professional criminal look" and in season 2 he's after something very special but its also dangerous as hell. I dont wanna give too much away but once you watch all the episodes of season 1 back to back. They all connect in some way or fashion.

Check out an episode below of ASYLUM: The Lost Interviews:


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