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Mortal Kombat X is coming soon, so what do I do to celebrate? You know that. Top 10 best fatalities from Mortal Kombat (2011).

10. Johnny Cage's And The Winner Is...

Starting this list is easily the funniest one. This shows us how much of a douchebag he is. He's still cool.

9. Baraka's Take A Spin

Baraka is a sick Tarkatan. And his blades are just as frightening.

8. Shang Tsung's Bang Bang!

Shang Tsung uses his tricks from his defeated foes.

7. Kenshi's Scatterbrained

Kenshi doesn't need to see to break the 4th Wall.

6. Kabal's It Takes Guts

Like the name says, this fatality isn't mindblowing but it's creative.

5. Scorpion's TOASTY!

Of course this has to be on the list. This has been with Scorpion since the first game.

4. Liu Kang's The Beast Within

After having the worst fatality in the first MK game, he came back to the tournament big in MK2 to MK9.

3. Quan Chi's Beat Down

Now it's getting ridiculous. Ok. All of these are pretty ridiculous but how about ripping someone's leg out of it's socket, from it's skin and then beating him to holy hell with it while it's still bleeding he's own blood. Quan Chi, you may be evil but you're the man.

2. Kung Lao's Razor's Edge

This is something that will make me think of James Bond.

1. Sub Zero's Spine Rip

Of course this makes the top spot. This is the backbone of gore in video games and the maker of the ESRB Rating System.


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