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I've decided to make a tag for our awesome gamers here at Moviepilot! can be absolutely anything! Your favorites, most hated, nostalgia filled, etc. Because of this, feel free to make more than just one post! Need some ideas?

Here's my top three favorites...

Well, until a new favorite comes along to take its place. Although their positions shift frequently as I try to decide which is superior, this is where they currently stand...

Ether One

Ether One is everything I want in a game. Every single inch of this game is beautiful, and I don't just mean visually. You take on the role of a "Restorer", who collects memories inside a patient's mind who is diagnosed with dementia. You go around collecting memories (represented as red ribbons) as more things fall in place and the story unfolds. There are also puzzles in the game which are 100% optional. However, if you complete every puzzle, you get an ending that is completely different from the one you would have seen otherwise. The best part? Both endings are equally well made. And I just have to say, no game has ever hit me as hard as Ether One did.

Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill was fantastic. And the sequel? Everything that the first game was, but even better. Both are games that I replay almost annually. I just can't get enough of them! In Silent Hill 2, you play as James Sunderland who received a letter from Mary, his deceased wife, telling him that she's in Silent Hill waiting for him. He doubts it's true, but investigates anyway, finding more questions than answers. It's downright creepy and messes with your mind, but it's never enough to make you stop playing. You're constantly pushed to persevere and find out the truth. "A dead person can't write a letter." Is Mary really alive?

Bioshock Infinite

Speaking of games that raise a lot of questions... Bioshock Infinite! A lot of people seem split down the middle on which one was better, the original Bioshock or Infinite, but clearly I favor the latter. Though both games are fantastic, and you can't go wrong with either one, I love Infinite more for its setting, and the more complex story. You play as Booker DeWitt who has to find this girl for certain people in order to wipe away his debt. You quickly find out that the girl is far from ordinary, and well... truth be told, everything is far from ordinary.

I'm looking forward to seeing your lists!


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